Teksgebaseerde tesourusgebruik in 'n Afrikaanse taalonderrigkonteks

  • Michele F. van der Merwe Departement Kurrikulumstudie: Afrikaans, Fakulteit Opvoedkunde, Universiteit Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch


Text-based Use of a Thesaurus in an Afrikaans language and teaching context. The topic of the article articulates and explores possibilities for the use of a thesaurus in the language and teaching context of the school classroom. Although the thesaurus is one of the oldest reference works in the history of lexicography, that fact is not reflected in the number of research articles on the topic. A thesaurus does not seem to be a general focus point of lexicographic research, nor be it of pedagogical lexicography. To address the gap in literature, the purpose and lexicographic functions of a thesaurus, especially in a language education context, are foregrounded. The language education context is illuminated with reference to the prescribed use of the thesaurus in school curricula documents, as they dictate the teaching policy in public schools. Text-based use of a thesaurus is recommended and is illustrated against the background of an investigation of a thesaurus and thematic dictionary sections. Recommendations for improve­ment of lexicographical products are made from a pedagogical lexicographic perspective to ensure optimal use of a thesaurus in a language education setting. Keywords: thesaurus, text-based, language education context, dic­tion­ary function, pedagogical lexicography, synonym, semantic relation, vocabulary development, vocabulary acquisition, language variant
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van der Merwe, M. F. (2022). Teksgebaseerde tesourusgebruik in ’n Afrikaanse taalonderrigkonteks. Lexikos, 32(1), 180-199. https://doi.org/10.5788/32-1-1715