Protocol for special issues/sections

On occasion, Lexikos will allow the publication of a special issue, or a special section in an annual issue. The acceptance and publication of a special issue or special section is however subject to certain requirements and protocols, as stated below. 

Please contact the Lexikos editorial team to discuss the possibility of publishing a special issue/section.

Protocol for special issues of and special sections:

  • All editorial responsibilities will remain with the guest editor(s), including adjudication of articles, timeous feedback to authors and recordkeeping of submissions and adjudication forms;
  • Proof of the review process is required ─ editors must use Lexikos’ infrastructure in this regard;
  • A detailed timeline of editorial work, review processes and publications must be provided and adhered to;
  • Articles in a final format should be sent to the Lexikos typesetter to be typeset. The editorial team will also check the style of the references and reference list. The articles must adhere to Lexikos’ guidelines for authors;
  • Articles/Issues must adhere to Lexikos' submission policies, focus and scope.
  • The guest editor(s) or their institution(s) will be responsible for the costs for typesetting and publishing for a special issue (online only, as per standard Lexikos practice) ─ a detailed budget should be available on request. Any arrangements and costs regarding a printed issue, are also the responsibility of the guests editor(s). Lexikos can only assist with typesetting articles in this regard. More details can be provided by the publisher of Lexikos ─ the Bureau of the WAT
  • For a special section in a normal Lexikos volume, page fees will apply to authors with affiliation to any South African tertiary institution.
  • The Lexikos editors reserve the right to determine and/or limit the amount of articles accepted for a special section.
  • The Lexikos editors reserve the right to conduct quality control (however they see fit) of the submissions to ensure that the articles meet the necessary academic and scientific standards for publication in Lexikos.