Création de ressources lexicographiques Français–Slovène d'aide à la traduction spécialisée

  • Sonia Vaupot Département de traduction, Faculté des Lettres, Université de Ljubljana, Slovénie
Keywords: bilingual dictionary, multilingual dictionary, specialised translation teaching, specialised corpora, terminology, phraseology, collocations, translation, equivalence, didactics


Creating a Slovene–French LSP Dictionary for translation purposes.In order to compensate for the lack of lexicographical resources for the French–Slovenian language pair in the field of specialized translation, a bilateral project has been set up with the aim of developing an online dictionary to be used as a lexicographical tool and as an aid for writing scientific texts. This article presents a method that allows students to actively participate in the process of creating an online database for storing information on specialized terminology and phraseology. We first present the lexicographical situation in Slovenia, especially for the French–Slovenian language pair, and then the objectives of the project as well as the teaching method aimed at creating comparable corpora and lexicographical resources compiled by the students. Finally, we conclude with a synthesis of the results obtained. This method, which has been used since 2018 in a Masters course, provides excellent results from a practical and pedagogical point of view.
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Vaupot, S. (2020). Création de ressources lexicographiques Français–Slovène d’aide à la traduction spécialisée. Lexikos, 30(1).