Creating a German–Basque Electronic Dictionary for German Learners

  • David Lindemann Department of Basque Language and Communications, UPV-EHU University of the Basque Country, Donostia, Spain
Keywords: bilingual lexicography, electronic dictionaries, basque language, german as foreign language, parallel corpora, user interface, wiktionary


In this paper, we introduce the new electronic dictionary project EuDeLex, which is currently being worked on at UPV-EHU University of the Basque Country.1 The introduction addresses the need for and functions of a new electronic dictionary for that language pair, as well as general considerations about bilingual lexicography and German as foreign language (GFL).The language pair German–Basque, which can be called less-resourced or medium-density, does not have any lexicographical antecedents that could be updated or adapted. Nevertheless, existing monolingual lexicographical databases and a newly created German–Basque parallel corpus support the editing process of the new dictionary. We explain our workflow in macrostructure and microstructure design and editing, and propose a first iteration of the online user interface and publishing process.
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Lindemann, D. (2014). Creating a German–Basque Electronic Dictionary for German Learners. Lexikos, 24(1).