'n Kritiese beskouing van woordeboeke met geamalgameerde lemmalyste

  • D.J. Prinsloo Departement Afrikatale, Universiteit van Pretoria, Pretoria, Suid-Afrika
Keywords: amalgamated lemmalist, related languages, redundancy, anna, bilingual dictionary, afrikaans, dutch, information costs, system costs


A Critical Examination of Dictionaries with Amalgamated Lem­ma­lists.The recently published Groot Woordeboek (Afrikaans en Nederlands), also known as ANNA, is the first dictionary with an amalgamated lemmalist based on the model of Martin and Gouws (2000). ANNA also paves the way for a similar approach for other closely related languages such as the Sotho languages and the Nguni languages of South Africa. The advantages and dis­advan­tages of five aspects namely (a) comparison and contrast, (b) user-friendliness, (c) space saving, (d) ordering of senses and (e) provision of a separate grammatical compendium are criti­cally evalu­ated. The principles of amalgamation, the relevant lemma types, as well as certain char­ac­teristics of the model are briefly discussed beforehand.
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Prinsloo, D. (2013). ’n Kritiese beskouing van woordeboeke met geamalgameerde lemmalyste. Lexikos, 23(1). https://doi.org/10.5788/23-1-1220