Definiëring in 'n aanleerderwoordeboek

  • A.E. Feinauer Dept. Afrikaans en Nederlands, Universiteit van Stellenbosch
Keywords: definiendum, definiens, defining, definition, dictionary, genus differentia definition, learner's dictionary, lexicographer, lexicography, standard descriptive dictionary, synonym definition, syntax, vocabulary


<b>Defining in a Learner's Dictionary</b>Because a learner's dictionary (in this case <i>Basiswoordeboek vir Afrikaans</i>) is directed at the foreign language user it stands to reason that the definitions therein will differ to a great extent from those used in a standard descriptive dictionary (for this article the <i>Nasionale Woordeboek</i>). This article discusses the differences in defining between these two types of dictionaries. The dissimilarity in the use of these dictionaries results in the main differences in defining: where the standard descriptive dictionary is used mainly for decoding, the learner's dictionary is also used for encoding of text. Therefore the definiens should be as unambiguous and user-friendly as possible. The ways in which this could be achieved are described, such as the use of full sentences, basic vocabulary, etc.  
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