Lexicography, Terminography and Copyright

  • Mariëtta Alberts National Terminology Services, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Michiel Jooste National Terminology Services, Pretoria, South Africa
Keywords: author’s right (copyright), copyright (author's right), copyright infringement, copyright issue, copyright law, copyrightable product, copyrighted product, database storage system, denominator, economic right, electronic communication network, fair use, i


The focus of this article is on copyright issues with specific reference to lexicography and terminography. Lexicographers and terminographers are in the peculiar position of being both creators of copyrightable products and users of copyrighted products. An inventory of accrued rights, the nature of dictionaries as subjects of copyright, national laws and international conventions, terminographical and lexicographical practice, the copyright status of dictionary elements, as well as infringement pitfalls, is made in order to propose guidelines on the legal position of the compilation and publishing of dictionaries. Electronic publications and dissemination on the Internet is considered and discussed, and contractual agreements protecting mutual rights is offered as a final conclusion.<b>Keywords:</b> author’s right (copyright); copyright (author's right); copyright infringement; copyright issue; copyright law; copyrightable product; copyrighted product; database storage system; denominator; economic right; electronic communication network; fair use; infringement; intellectual property; intellectual property right; lexicographer; lexicography; macrostructure; microstructure; moral right; tangible medium; terminographer; terminography; terminologist; terminology 
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Alberts, M., & Jooste, M. (2012). Lexicography, Terminography and Copyright. Lexikos, 8(1). https://doi.org/10.5788/8-1-949
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