Portals to Knowledge: CD-ROM Encyclopaedias, with Specific Reference to <i>Microsoft Encarta 99 Encyclopedia</i>

  • Phillip Adriaan Louw Department of Afrikaans and Dutch, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, Republic of South Africa
Keywords: access structure, active cross-references, cd-rom encyclopaedia, dictionary accessibility, encyclopaedia, guide structures, inner access structure, inner search path, internet, linguistic dictionary, mediostructure, multimedia, nonlinguistic dictionary, o


The close interaction between linguistics and lexicography over the last few decades has had many good effects, not least of which has been the development of a theoretical framework or metalexicography. However, this close link has had an unfortunate result: the marginalisation in the theoretical debate of nonlinguistic dictionaries and especially of the encyclopaedia. In this article, semantic, lexicographical and pragmatic motivations will be given for a renewed interest in encyclopaedias. The revolution caused by CD-ROM encyclopaedias and the benefits they hold for a large spectrum of users, will be the most important pragmatic motivations addressed. <i>Microsoft Encarta 99 Encyclopedia</i> will act as a guide for the exploration of the impact this revolution has had on the ideas of user-friendliness and dictionary accessibility. Finally, a future is envisioned in which the Internet will be the logical culmination of the ultimate potential of computers as accessible, user-friendly reference tools.<b>Keywords:</b> access structure; active cross-references; cd-rom encyclopaedia; dictionary accessibility; encyclopaedia; guide structures; inner access structure; inner search path; internet; linguistic dictionary; mediostructure; multimedia; nonlinguistic dictionary; outer access structure; outer search path; passive cross-referencing; user-friendliness 
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Louw, P. A. (2012). Portals to Knowledge: CD-ROM Encyclopaedias, with Specific Reference to <i>Microsoft Encarta 99 Encyclopedia</i&gt;. Lexikos, 9(1). https://doi.org/10.5788/9-1-927
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