Dictionary Use Training in Secondary School EFL Textbooks in Taiwan

  • Wai-on Law School of Modern Languages, University of St Andrews, Scotland


As a rare study on English language textbook design for dictionary use training, this research examines four series of secondary school textbooks available on the Taiwan market. The content analysis method was adopted in finding out (1) how effectively the existing secondary English textbooks can help learners develop the necessary dictionary skills based on the guidelines from the government; and (2) how the existing textbooks could be improved to better meet learn­ers' needs for dictionary skills training. The results show that none of the surveyed series follow the Curriculum Guidelines of the Ministry of Education (2018) regarding dictionary use training, although they all claim to have designed the book based on the government-set curriculum. Sug­gestions are made regarding how the present textbook designs could incorporate dictionary skills, with recommended resources. The study reveals the conspicuous neglect of dictionary use skills training in secondary school textbooks, and calls for similar review to be made in other countries to fully appreciate the (un)availability of dictionary use training in secondary schools. The study should provide useful information to relevant government authorities, dictionary compilers, text­book writers, and English language teachers and researchers alike for improving the situation. Keywords: dictionary use training, Taiwan, secondary school EFL text­book, content analysis
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Law, W.- on. (2024). Dictionary Use Training in Secondary School EFL Textbooks in Taiwan. Lexikos, 34(1), 77-98. https://doi.org/10.5788/34-1-1880