Semantiese betrekkinge en woordeboekstrukture in 'n Afrikaanse tesourus

  • Michele F. van der Merwe Departement Kurrikulumstudie: Afrikaans, Fakulteit Opvoedkunde, Universiteit Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch


Semantic Relations and Dictionary Structures in an Afrikaans The­saurus. In a thesaurus, the structure of the vocabulary and the particular relationships between the lexical items in that vocabulary are foregrounded. A vocabulary shows a specific structure within which the different lexical items are connected to each other based on especially their meanings. The topic of this research is the lexicographic presentation of different semantic relations between lexical items in the different editions of the Groot Tesourus van Afrikaans and the Pharos Tesourus van Afrikaans. In a comparative study between the two editions, the following research question is asked: What changes and differences, if any, can be observed regarding the presenta­tion of semantic relations between the two editions? Semantic relations between lexical items (among others synonymy, hyponymy and oppositeness) and their presentation in both the­saurus editions are highlighted. The lexicographic handling of semantic relations is discussed against the background lexicography theory regarding dictionary structures and e-lexicography. Recommen­dations regarding a more user-oriented handling of semantic relations are made, also in relation to an electronic thesaurus. Keywords: thesaurus, synonym, opposite, hyponym, meronym, semantic relations, dictionary structure, contextual guidance, user directed, electronic thesaurus
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van der Merwe, M. F. (2023). Semantiese betrekkinge en woordeboekstrukture in ’n Afrikaanse tesourus. Lexikos, 33(2), 132-151.