Nuwe raamstruktuurtipes in aanlyn woordeboeke

  • Rufus H. Gouws Departement Afrikaans en Nederlands, Universiteit Stellenbosch, Suid-Afrika


New Types of Frame Structures in Online Dictionaries. In the lexico­graphic practice the transition from printed to online dictionaries resulted in numerous changes. These changes have to be accounted for in lexicographic theory. Dictionary structures also are a target of changes, with some old structures being adapted and new structures being developed. The focus in this article is on various aspects of one of the new structures in online dictionaries, namely the screenshot structure. This structure accommodates among other individual dictionary articles, partial articles, restricted articles as well as partial article stretches. Besides the core article the screenshot structure also allows extended articles that display a new type of frame structure, namely an article frame. An article frame can be the result of horizontal expansion to the left and/or right as well as upward and/or downward vertical expansion. Integrated and non-integrated arti­cle outer texts accommodate lexicographically relevant data that are not included in the core article. Especially in commercial lexicography non-lexicographic data in dictionaries become increasingly important and the screenshot structure should be planned in such a way that these data can be accommodated without resulting in data-overload. Non-lexicographic data can be allocated to a search frame prevailing in the screenshot frame structure. Keywords: article frame, article frame structure, data distribution, frame structure, menu textblock, online dictionary, outer text, screen­shot frame, screenshot structure, search frame
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Gouws, R. H. (2023). Nuwe raamstruktuurtipes in aanlyn woordeboeke. Lexikos, 33(1), 382-403.