Visuele elemente in vertalende woordeboeke gerig op die grondslagfase teen die agtergrond van geletterdheidsontwikkeling

  • Michele F. van der Merwe Departement Kurrikulumstudie: Afrikaans, Fakulteit Opvoedkunde, Universiteit Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch


Visual Elements in Translative Dictionaries Aimed at the Foundation Phase against the Background of Literacy Development. Dictionaries used for teaching and learning in an educational setting undoubtedly have an educational purpose and function (if a dictionary function is understood according to the lexicographic theory of functions), whereby such an educational function is concerned with the active development of literacy skills. In the case of dictionaries for the foundation phase, target users have emergent literacy skills and developing reading skills, in particular. For this reason, lexicographers make use of a variety of lexicographic devices, for example visual elements, to render language support to the target user. Learners in the foundation phase form the target users of this category of dictionaries and the focus of the article is situated within the lexicographic theory of the user perspective, and the field of pedagogical lexicography. Concepts known in reading research, language acquisition and second language teaching come into play and are applied to visual elements in dictionaries. The use, value and types of illustrations in dictionaries are investigated by means of a literature study and then applied within the literacy context of the target user. Use of visual illustrations in accordance with the literacy needs of the target users forms the focus of the article. Keywords: cognitive-academic language proficiency, contextualisation, dictionaries, illustrations, language proficiency, literacy context, multilingualism, pedagogical lexicography, user perspective
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van der Merwe, M. F. (2022). Visuele elemente in vertalende woordeboeke gerig op die grondslagfase teen die agtergrond van geletterdheidsontwikkeling. Lexikos, 32(3), 215-248.