Les débuts de la lexicographie multilingue roumaine: ressorts pragmatiques et influences culturelles

  • Mihaela Mocanu Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire, L'Université "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" de Iasi, Roumanie


The Beginnings of Romanian Multilingual Lexicography: Prag­matic Sources and Cultural Influences. The beginnings of Romanian multilingual lexi­cography are deeply rooted in the first religious texts translated from Slavonic on the territory of the Romanian Principalities. The first dictionaries were aimed at fulfilling practical needs, being conceived as annexes to Slavonic or translated religious literature circulating at the time on the Romanian territory. This study provides an analysis of the first Romanian lexicographic projects, identifying their prototypes and describing the pragmatic background that these lexicographic initiatives were based on. Many of these works have sadly been lost, while others have been just partially preserved in private libraries. In these conditions, for the reconstruction of the Romanian lexicography belonging to that specific period, we resorted to two categories of sources: the nota­tions and testimonies of the authors of the first lexicographic projects, and studies on the old Romanian lexicography. As they were not based on the rigorous scientific conception of a proper lexicographic school, the first Romanian dictionaries reflect the initiative of some scholars, reveal­ing both their perspective on the role of such lexicographic tools and the stage of development of the Romanian language at the time. Keywords: Romanian lexicography, 16th–17th centuries, multilingual dictionaries, terminology, cultural influences, pragmatic sources
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Mocanu, M. (2022). Les débuts de la lexicographie multilingue roumaine: ressorts pragmatiques et influences culturelles. Lexikos, 32(1), 31-48. https://doi.org/10.5788/32-1-1680