The <i>New Online English–Georgian Maritime Dictionary</i> (NEGMD): Current State of the Project

Keywords: dictionary compilation, guiding principles, terminological entries, coinage of Georgian maritime terminology


My practical training at the Maritime Transport Administration of Georgia in 2018 inspired the project of compiling the NEGMD. The project was boosted by an international grant of the European Lexicographic Infrastructure (ELEXIS), which led to an invitation to visit the Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie in Leyden, the Netherlands.The aim of this report on the compilation of the NEGMD is to show the state of this project from a practical point of view using concrete examples of terminological entries.The project includes two main issues: the compilation of the dictionary itself and the coinage of new maritime terms in Georgian to fill the existing lexical/terminological gaps. It is of great importance for the field of maritime education and training in Georgia, for the whole maritime economy of the country and for the development of the Georgian language and, consequently, for the fields of Georgian linguistics and lexicography.All issues related to this project including the criteria according to which it is being compiled and the information each terminological entry of the dictionary comprises, will be thoroughly covered. Perspectives on future dictionary development will be presented, illustrating it by concrete examples from the NEGMD.

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Anna Tenieshvili, Foreign Languages Department, Batumi State Maritime Academy, Batumi, Georgia ( (
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Tenieshvili, A. (2021). The <i>New Online English–Georgian Maritime Dictionary</i&gt; (NEGMD): Current State of the Project. Lexikos, 31(1), 322-329.