Die lexikografische Behandlung von Neologismen aus der Perspektive hispanophoner DaF-Lernender

  • Vanessa González Ribao Leibnitz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, Deutschland
Keywords: verbs of communication, neologism lexicography, online lexicography, bilingual dictionaries, Spanish–German, text production in a foreign language, Hispanophone learners of GFL


The Lexicographic Treatment of Neologisms from the Perspective of Hispanophone Learners of GFL.On the basis of some instrumental verbs of communication such as mailen (to mail) or twittern (to tweet) we examined the lexicological information offered on neologisms for its adequacy for text production in a foreign language. The study is carried out from the perspective of a Hispanophone learner of GFL. We analyzed neologism dictionaries and databases for German as well as bilingual online dictionaries for Spanish–German. We compared the results of the lexicographic investigation with corpus-based data from a doctoral thesis. The findings point out the need and necessity of improving the treatment of (verbal) neologisms in Spanish–German dictionaries. When doing so the text production in a foreign language should be particularly considered.