Sintagmatiese leksikale betrekkinge in Afrikaans

  • L.G. de Stadler Departement Afrikaans en Nederlands, Universiteit van Stellenbosch
Keywords: syntagmatic lexical relations, Afrikaans, lexical structure, paradigmatic lexical relations, lexicography


<b>Syntagmatic Lexical Relations in Afrikaans</b> Since the work by Porzig (1934) it has come to be accepted that syntagmatic lexical relations (a type of lexical relation that holds between two lexical items on a syntagmatic level, such as the relationship between dog and bark) has to be incorporated in a theory of lexical structure. Although quite a number of scholars have dealt with the phenomenon over the years, one has to agree that it suffers from a long tradition of neglect. As far as linguistic research in Afrikaans goes, no substantial work has been done. In this article I will contrast syntagmatic relations with its paradigmatic counterparts, draw attention to different types of syntagmatic relations and show what relevance this phenomenon has for lexicography.  
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