Etikette in sinchronies verklarende woordeboeke

  • F.J. Lombard Buro van die Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal, Stellenbosch, Suid-Afrika
Keywords: frequency, geographic, labels, linguistic, pragmatic, prescriptiveness, sphere of use, standard dictionary, stilistic, synchronic, temporal


<b>Labels in Synchronic Descriptive Dictionaries </b>It is the lexicographer's duty to point out limitations concerning the use of certain lexical items to his target users, for example limitations as far as stilistic application is concerned. This is mainly achieved by using labels. Labels often depend more on the judgement of the lexicographer than on a scientific basis and are often presented haphazardly in dictionaries. Yet the lexicographer can give linguistic as well as pragmatic guidance by using labels correctly. In standard dictionaries various labels should be used judiciously and uniformly for the greatest possible benefit of the user.
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