Lexicographical Resources in a Multilingual Environment: An Orientation

  • Willy Martin Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Keywords: lexical databases, bidirectional dictionaries, learner dictionaries, dictionary editors, reversibility, hub-and-spoke model


This article considers dictionaries as lexical information / knowledge sources to be derived from a deeper, underlying, lexical database. These dictionary-tokens or -instantiations are inter alia specified by the users' needs. As a case in point of such a derivation meeting the needs of a multilingual society, a bidirectional bilingual learner dictionary is presented. Specific tools, such as editors with reversal function, and models, such as the hub-and-spoke model, are discussed as means to function within the lexicographical infrastructure of a multilingual society.  
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Martin, W. (1). Lexicographical Resources in a Multilingual Environment: An Orientation. Lexikos, 6(1). https://doi.org/10.5788/6-1-1033
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