ANNA: A Dictionary with a Name (and what Lies Behind it)

  • W. Martin Department of Language and Communication, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Keywords: amalgamated dictionary, bilingual dictionary, amalgamation model, afrikaans, dutch, anna, cognates, false friends, contrastive dictionary, reading dictionary, translation dictionary


In 2011 the Groot Woordenboek Afrikaans en Nederlands (Large Dictionary Afrikaans and Dutch), commonly known as ANNA, appeared. Contrary to so-called difference dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries of narrowly related languages which describe only differences between the two languages, ANNA describes both differences and similarities between Afrikaans and Dutch, not only on the semantic level but on the combinatorial and pragmatic level as well. In this sense ANNA is a unique project, based on an original amalgamation model. In this article first some background information will be given about the ANNA project and its results, followed by a presentation of the underlying model and an evaluation of it.
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