A 38 Million Words Dutch Text Corpus and its Users

  • J.G. Kruyt Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie INL, Leiden, Nederland
  • M.W.F. Dutilh Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie INL, Leiden, Nederland
Keywords: large electronic dutch text corpus, corpus design, text classification, topic, publication medium, linguistic annotation, on-line access via internet, corpus users


The use of text corpora has increased considerably in the past few years, not only in the field of lexicography but also in computational linguistics and language technology. Consequently, corpus data and expertise developed by lexicographical institutions have gained a broader scope of application. In the European context this has led to a revised view of corpus design. In line with these developments, the Institute for Dutch Lexicology (INL) has since 1994 been providing external access to steadily improving corpora via Internet. In August 1996, the <i>38 Million Words Corpus</i> was available for consultation by the international research community. The present paper reports on the characteristics of this corpus (design, text classification, linguistic annotation) and on its use, both in dictionary projects and in linguistic research. In spite of limitations with respect to corpus design, the INL corpora accessible via Internet have proved to meet external needs. By providing these facilities, the INL has acquired a much broader experience in corpus-building than before, which is essential for new, internal dictionary projects. Giving external access to corpus data which was developed primarily for internal purposes, may be profitable for all parties involved. 
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Kruyt, J., & Dutilh, M. (2012). A 38 Million Words Dutch Text Corpus and its Users. Lexikos, 7(1). https://doi.org/10.5788/7-1-982