Thomas Herbst and Kerstin Popp (Editors). The Perfect Learners' Dictionary (?).

  • Michaël Abecassis Department of Modern Languages, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom


This collection of articles originates from a 1997 symposium in which participated some of the most eminent scholars researching lexicography and linguistics, that, since the 1970s, have widely developed to the extent of becoming a thriving market for publishers. Looking back at the evolution of EFL dictionaries for learners and ahead to the use of corpus linguistics for the compilation of a new generation of dictionaries, this volume is of particular interest to lexicographers, although some of its references may now appear slightly outdated.
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Abecassis, M. (1). Thomas Herbst and Kerstin Popp (Editors). The Perfect Learners’ Dictionary (?). Lexikos, 16.
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