Le Processus de Numérisation de la Lexicographie en Roumanie: Présent et Perspectives

  • Elena Isabelle Tamba Université Alexandru Ioan Cuza de Iasi, Roumanie / Institut de Philologie Roumaine Alexandru Philippide, Académie Roumaine, Filiale de Iasi, Roumanie


Digitalization Process of the Lexicography in Romania: Present and Perspectives. In Romania, the lexicographic research is in a continuous development, in a natural process of digitalization. This step is absolutely mandatory for creating electronic instruments and resources, which are necessary for supporting the Romanian language and culture. The Romanian academic specialists in linguistics and applied informatics, as well as in computational linguistics fields, have initiated research projects by which they valorise the non-digitized resources by acquiring them in electronic formats or by which they create dictionaries and new resources and instruments directly in electronic format. The digitalization process put the Romanian academic lexicography at a level comparable to the international lexicography and allows the connection with lexicographic projects from abroad and the inclusion of Romania in the sphere of interest of the great international lexicographic networks. Keywords: Romanian lexicography, e-lexicography, electronic lexicographic corpus, digitalization, digital lexicographical resources, evolution, perspectives
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Tamba, E. I. (2024). Le Processus de Numérisation de la Lexicographie en Roumanie: Présent et Perspectives. Lexikos, 34(1), 1-20. https://doi.org/10.5788/34-1-1857