Die Behandlung der Wortarten in Wörterbüchern zur Lexikographie

  • Monika Bielińska Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach, Polen


The Treatment of Parts of Speech in Dictionaries of Lexicography. The aim of the article is to present and analyse how three dictionaries of lexicography, i.e. Lexicog­raphy. A Dictionary of Basic Terminology (1998) by Igor Burkhanov, Dictionary of Lexicography (2001) by Reinhard R.K. Hartmann and Gregory James and Wörterbuch zur Lexikographie und Wörterbuch­forschung/Dictionary of Lexicography and Dictionary Research (2010–2020) by Herbert Ernst Wiegand et al., treat parts of speech. It is examined whether the entries contain only grammatical or also lexi­cog­raphy-related information. Then, the interconnectedness of the articles on parts of speech and other lexicographic content is scrutinised. Subsequently, entries with lexicography-related infor­mation are examined qualitatively. The article concludes with some general remarks on the description of lexicography-external terms in dictionaries of lexicography. The author postulates that both the part-of-speech articles and all other entries on terms from outside lexicography, e.g. from the field of linguistics, contain lexicographic information. It is not the function of these articles to replace analogous articles from specialised dictionaries on the disciplines concerned, and to offer the same content. In dictionaries on lexicography, lexicography should always be the focus and shape the descriptive perspective. Keywords: lexicography, linguistics, linguistic terminology, lexi­co­graphical terminology, grammar, part of speech, specialised dic­tionary, dictionary of lexicography, dictionary evaluation
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Bielińska, M. (2022). Die Behandlung der Wortarten in Wörterbüchern zur Lexikographie. Lexikos, 32(1), 200-219. https://doi.org/10.5788/32-1-1717