'n Leksikografiese datatrekkingstruktuur vir aanlyn woordeboeke

  • Rufus H. Gouws Departement Afrikaans en Nederlands, Universiteit Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, Suid-Afrika
Keywords: comprehensive data distribution structure, data distribution structure, data pulling structure, data structure, dictionary portal, dictionary portal structure, extended data distribution structure, lexicographic structures, online dictionary, over-arching


A Lexicographic Data Pulling Structure for Online Dictionaries.In the field of lexicography the transition from printed to online dictionaries has had a significant influence on numerous aspects of both lexicographic theory and the lexicographic practice. In the continued development of lexicographic theory this influence has to be formulated in order to present guidelines for the optimal application of the resulting adaptations in the lexicographic practice. Dictionary structures should be investigated to determine which structures can be maintained in the new medium, which structures need to be adapted and which new structures are coming to the fore.The focus in this article is on adaptations in lexicographic structures. Reference is made to structures of which the adaptations have already been discussed in metalexicography. The main emphasis is on different types of data distribution structures in online dictionaries. Provision is made for a comprehensive data distribution structure that can be employed in dictionary portals to give the user access to dictionary-external sources. The need of users for more freedom to select their required data, leads to proposals for a new structure, namely the data pulling structure. By employing this structure users can access the internet as lexicographic corpus from any point in an online dictionary to retrieve from the data there the information they require in a specific situation of use. The data pulling structure confirms the status of dictionaries as integrated information instruments and puts them within the scope of an over-arching data structure.Keywords: comprehensive data distribution structure; data distribution structure; data pulling structure; data structure; dictionary portal; dictionary portal structure; extended data distribution structure; lexicographic structures; online dictionary; over-arching data distribution structure; pull medium; push medium; single data distribution structure
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Gouws, R. H. (2018). ’n Leksikografiese datatrekkingstruktuur vir aanlyn woordeboeke. Lexikos, 28(1). https://doi.org/10.5788/28-1-1461