Probleme in Bezug auf die slowenische lexikographische Terminologie

  • Simona Štavbar Abteilung für Germanistik, Philosophische Fakultät, Universität Maribor, Slowenien
Keywords: German lexicographical terminology, Slovenian lexicographical terminology, synonymous terms, lack of terms, word formation, synonymous lexicographical terms, lexicographical discipline in Slovenia


Problems related to the Slovenian lexicographical terminology.The article discusses Slovenian terminology in the field of lexicography as well as terminological problems related to the lexicographical discipline in Slovenia. The terminology of this discipline displays a great number of synonymous lexicographical terms on the one hand, and a lack of lexicographical terms on the other hand. Based on the German lexicographical terminology, this article looks into how and to which extent the missing lexicographical terms can be formed in Slovene through different types of word-formation processes. The introduction of much needed lexicographical terms into Slovene would contribute to the formation of lexicographical theory and raise the quality of lexicographical products.
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Štavbar, S. (2016). Probleme in Bezug auf die slowenische lexikographische Terminologie. Lexikos, 26(1).