Die leksikografiese bewerking van verwantskapsterme in Sepedi

  • D.J. Prinsloo Departement Afrikatale, Universiteit van Pretoria, Pretoria, Suid-Afrika
Keywords: kinship terms, sepedi, family tree, paternal, lemmatisation, dictionary convention, lexicographic treatment, receptive dictionary use, productive dictionary use, frequency of use


The lexicographical treatment of kinship terminology in Sepedi.Kinship terminology in Sepedi is extensive and forms a complex system. In contrast to languages such as Afrikaans, English and German the lexicographer faces greater challenges in respect of the identification of kinship terms and the lemmatisation and treatment thereof in Sepedi dictionaries. Preparational studies of the kinship terminology system are a prerequisite for successful user guidance. The Sepedi lexicographer is the mediator, especially between the inexperienced dictionary user and this complicated kinship terminology system, and therefore has to provide for effective lemmatisation and sufficient treatment of kinship terms. The nature and extent of kinship terminology in Sepedi are analysed and it is indicated that kinship terminology in Sepedi is problematic, especially in respect of the lemmatisation of compounds, and in particular, derived single-word forms and phrases, such as for example multiple possessive constructions. In order to ease access to kinship terms in dictionaries, a lexicographic convention for the lemmatisation of kinship terms is suggested. Corpus occurrences of kinship terms are indicated and space is allocated for a critical evaluation of the lemmatisation and treatment of kinship terms in Sepedi dictionaries.
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Prinsloo, D. (2012). Die leksikografiese bewerking van verwantskapsterme in Sepedi. Lexikos, 22(1). https://doi.org/10.5788/22-1-1008